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Norton/Thevenin Harmonic source.
Library ‘Power Quality’ which contains the device ‘Harmonic source and impedance’.
This device uses the steady-state voltage/current and impedance harmonics data given by wind park, solar or inverter manufacturers, to solve the network using the Steady-state solution of EMTP which considers all harmonics. It then simulates the steady-state solution in Time-domain to benefit from the tools which apply only for Time-domain simulations, like the THD device, some ScopeView functions, etc.

This device can also be used as a harmonics voltage or current source if the impedance is set to zero for the voltage source by using Thevenin type or infinite (1e15) for current source by using Norton type

- In the zip file, extract and launch the .exe file. Be careful, if Toolbox.ini is not in its original format, make sure to save the extra lines and place them back after the installation.
- Start EMTP. A new library, ‘Power Quality’, is available.
If anything issues with the model, please send me an email: