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Author: h.gras
Type: Library
Downloaded: 139 times
Date: 2016-09-15
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Harmonic source and impedance

Norton/Thevenin Harmonic source.
Library ‘Power Quality’ which contains the device ‘Harmonic source and impedance’.
This device uses the steady-state voltage/current and impedance h... see more

Tag(s): harmonic, source, Norton, Thevenin, Quality, Power quality, inverter, solar, photovoltaic, wind
Author: h.gras
Type: Example
Downloaded: 214 times
Date: 2015-06-16
Rating: * 2 vote(s)

Content of the webinar studies from A to Z on TRV

Designs built or presented during the webinar of the series Studies from A to Z on Transient Recovery Voltage
Models built:
- Rating TRV envelop (IEC 62271-100 / C37.010 - 2011)
- CP / ... see more

Tag(s): TRV, Transient recovery voltage, short-line fault, terminal fault, substation, 62271, 37.011, lines, switching, thevenin