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Author: h.gras
Type: Library
Downloaded: 139 times
Date: 2016-09-15
Rating: * 1 vote(s)

Harmonic source and impedance

Norton/Thevenin Harmonic source.
Library ‘Power Quality’ which contains the device ‘Harmonic source and impedance’.
This device uses the steady-state voltage/current and impedance h... see more

Tag(s): harmonic, source, Norton, Thevenin, Quality, Power quality, inverter, solar, photovoltaic, wind
Author: h.gras
Type: Model
Downloaded: 137 times
Date: 2016-02-26
Rating: * 1 vote(s)

Harmonic source

Harmonic sources. Generates in time domain and in steady state the harmonics entered in the tab.

In the zip file, extract and launch the .exe file. Then, start EMTP. A new library, ‘Harmo... see more

Tag(s): harmonic, source, current, control