Key features of EMTP-RV:

  • Solution for large networks
  • Provide detailed modeling of the network component including control, linear and non-linear elements
  • Open architecture coding that allows users customization and implementation of sophisticated models
  • Steady-state solution with harmonics
  • Three-phase load-flow
  • Automatic initialization from steady-state solution
  • Capability for solving detailed semiconductor models
  • Simultaneous switching options for power electronics applications
  • Robust simulation engine
  • Superior modeling flexibility
  • time-domain simulations from steady-state
  • Scriptable and customizable easy-to-use GUI
  • Comprehensive built-in libraries (including detailed models of electrical machines, transformers, lines, cables, control devices…) and applications examples,
  • Capability to simulate very large power systems and power electronics systems without compromising precision,
  • Same design for several simulation options,
  • User-friendly, customizable and scriptable easy-to-use GUI,
  • Dynamic development road-map with experts from the major utilities reflects the feedback from the market,
  • Used worldwide as a reference tool by the main actors of the Energy Market (EDF, Hydro-Québec, RTE , ALSTOM, ABB, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI …).
  • Efficient and reactive Technical Support.