Overall Architecture

The EMTP-RV Package includes:

  • EMTP-RV : The computational engine
    A powerful and super-fast computational engine that provides significantly improved solution methods for nonlinear models, control systems and user-defined models.
  • EMTPWorks : The Graphical User Interface
    An advanced, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface that maximizes the capabilities of the underlying EMTP-RV engine. EMTPWorks provides many customization options and one can easily adapt it to match its unique needs.
  • ScopeView: Data display and analysis
    Provides waveform visualization and advanced mathematical post-processing capabilities. ScopeView is a data acquisition and signal processing software very well adapted for the visualization and the analysis of EMTP-RV simulation results.

EMTP-RV computational engine is driven by EMTPWorks (The GUI).

- The bulk data transmission from EMTPWorks to EMTP-RV is performed using a Netlist file. 
- EMTP-RV reads the Netlist file, decodes the simulated network topology, finds all required device models and computation functions, builds the system matrix and performs the simulation.
- The simulation results are saved into binary and ASCII files.
- The main binary file is used for showing simulation waveforms from a stand-alone waveform visualization application named ScopeView (Practical Results Display and Analysis).
- Some of such output files are HTML files and can be viewed in a web browser.