EMTP-RV : Overview

EMTP-RV is a full-featured and technically advanced simulation and analysis software for power system transients :

  • Unique and comprehensive software,
  • Interoperable Software linkable to ETAP,
  • Large range of phenomenon,
  • Advanced model of electrical machines,
  • Detailed and precise models of lines and cables,
  • Complete models of transformers that can model
  • aturation and the hysteresis of the magnetic core,
  • Extensive library of control devices and functions,
  • HVDC library.


The EMTP-RV Package includes:

  • EMTP-RV : The computational engine
    A powerful and super-fast computational engine that provides significantly improved solution methods for nonlinear models, control systems and user-defined models.
  • EMTPWorks : The Graphical User Interface
    An advanced, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface that maximizes the capabilities of the underlying EMTP-RV engine. EMTPWorks provides many customization options and one can easily adapt it to match its unique needs.
  • ScopeView: Data display and analysis
    Provides waveform visualization and advanced mathematical post-processing capabilities. ScopeView is a data acquisition and signal processing software very well adapted for the visualization and the analysis of EMTP-RV simulation results.


Suited for several simulation options:

EMTP-RV accepts several simulation options which are performed for arbitrary network configurations.

All options are applicable to all devices within documented rules of device behavior.

These are:

  • Load-Flow
  • Steady-state solutions:
    - Linear harmonic steady-state solution,
    - Non-linear harmonic steady-state solution
    - Three-phase power flow
  • Time domain solutions:
    - Fixed time-step trapezoidal with/without backward Euler method,
    - Automatic initialization from steady-state,
    - Startup from manual initial conditions
    - Special option for power electronics instantaneous switching conditions within a time-step
  • Frequency scans
  • Statistical/systematic analysis


Superior modeling flexibility:

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the device library?

Simply add your own user-defined device.

Scripting techniques provide the ability to externally program device data forms and generate the required Netlists.  A symbol editor is used to modify and customize device drawings.  Scripting techniques are also used for parametric studies.

EMTPWorks also lets the user define any number of subcircuits to create hierarchical designs.