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Hello everyone,

Using EMTP in a batch mode for several case studies at once, i would like to know if that is also possible to do with the output result file. What i need is a way to get quickly (and automatically) a plot value directly stored in a file or wherever else, because trying to open the .mda file as a text file in order to scan for a particular value doesn't work (i have just read that it is written in a fortran-95 format, and i have no idea the way the binary data is stored - columns of x bytes ?).

All hints are welcome,

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Tarik Sadovic

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ScopeView allows some kind of

ScopeView allows some kind of batch treatment through it’s ability to save a visualization session into a template file.  The template file will includes all the setting used in the working session:

  • List of source files to open (the .mda files);
  • List of the selected display signals;
  • List of used formulas
  • Editing information (number of columns, superimposition, zoom, etc.).

You can load a previously saved template from the file menu, “open template” option.

Omar Saad