CIGRE Paris 2016

CIGRE 2016
22 - 26 August, 2016
Paris, France (Palais des Congrès)
CIGRE 2016 – Technical Exhibition
The EMTP-RV team will be pleased to meet you during the CIGRE Session 2016.
Powersys will be happy to welcome you to on one of the biggest events dedicated to power systems in Europe. The CIGRE Session and the technical Exhibition bring together more than 14 000 equivalent members composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, CEOs and other decision makers. CIGRE allows experts from around 90 countries, to share and join forces in order to improve existing systems and build the electrical power systems of the future. 
Program of the week
Come to see the presentation of the new EMTP 3.4 version
Every day, Monday to Friday at 01:30 pm !
Tuesday 23th of August:

- 10:30 pm: Presentation of the "Protection toolbox"
Mr. Henry Gras from Powersys will do a presentation focused on the protection toolbox. This new toolbox opens new doors for the simulation and analysis of protection systems. Both steady-state and time-domain simulation options are available. All relay, fuse and thermal element models are solved in time-domain with nonlinear functions, such as CT, VT and CVT magnetization. This new implementation for EMTP allows to achieve highest levels of accuracy for protection

- 03:30 pm: Presentation about "PAMLAB"
Mr. Manuel Martinez Duro from EDF company will do a presentation of PAMLAB.
PAMLAB provides a powerful environment to perform parametric studies with EMTP-RV.
Linked to an EMTP-RV design, PAMLAB performs:
-    Uncertainty/Probabilistic analysis (simulation with uncertainties on parameters and/or on network topology),
-    Sensitivity analysis (evaluation of the relative impact of the parameters on the results),
-    Optimization,
-    Parameter matching (and comparison between measurements and simulations).
Wednesday 24th of August:
- 3:30 pm: Presentation about "Modeling and simulation of a CIGRE HVDC grid system"
Mr. Saad Hani from RTE company will do a presentation focused on the modeling and simulation of the CIGRE B4 DC Grid test system prepared by WG B4-57 and B4-58. This test system includes mainly: loads, AC and DC cables, AC and DC overhead lines, AC grid, wind farms and 11 VSC stations based on MMC technology. The test system is developed and simulated in the EMTP-RV software. Several EMT events, such as outage and DC faults are simulated to provide validation and dynamic performance of this 11 terminal DC grid.
- 12:00 am: Cocktail and Presentation of the New version EMTP 3.4
-  5:00 pm:  Presentation of the New version EMTP 3.4
Major improvements:

1. EMTPWorks

New detailed models of Current Transformer (CT), Voltage Transformer (VT), and Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT)
- Many of improvements in the Graphical User Interface EMTPWorks:
      -  New options for interfacing bundles and bundle signals
      -  New Bundle Connection window offering Visual connection scheme
      -  And much more!
- Compatibility with the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard for co-simulation (V.1.0 and V.2.0) as master and slave.

Easy to use interface between tools like Matlab/Simulink®, Modelica® and EMTP !

2. New Protection Toolbox
- The next level for Protection studies has arrived!

3. New Exciter and Governors Toolbox
- Encapsulated, open-architecture and automatically initialized Exciter and Governor models based on standards

4. Simulink® DLL interface
- Import Simulink® models into EMTP in two clicks

Our technical and sales team will be there to answer your questions. 
If you want to meet our sales team, you can contact them.
> Meet us at the booth: 320, floor 3