Clone of Webinar - Capacitor Bank Switching

New webinar serie: Studies from A to Z

Capacitor Bank Switching
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In each webinar of this “Studies from A to Z” series, it is shown how to conduct a particular study from the beginning to the end.
They are technically advanced and very appreciated by engineers.
This complimentary webinar, organized by POWERSYS, will help you to discover efficiently how helpful EMTP-RV software can be for your Capacitor Bank Switching Studies.

- How to conduct a capacitor bank switching study
- How to model the mechanical behaviour of a breaker with a statistical approach
- How to conduct a back to back capacitor bank switching study
- Devices used during the webinar:
* Frequency Dependent parameter model of lines,
* Thevenin equivalent of networks,
* Pre-insertion resistances
* Switching surge arresters
* Transformers
* Synchronous machines