EMTP basic training on insulation coordination analysis


September 13th, 2019

Chennai, INDIA

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Training objectives

The objective of this training is to get familiar with the usage of EMT-type software and the study of power-system transients. How to model power-systems, what scenarios to run and how to interpret and verify results are as many questions that will be addressed. The software EMTP is used for demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical cases. Prior experience with EMTP is not required.


Training structure

The duration of the training is 1 day.
The training starts at 10 am and ends at 6 pm every day. Lunch break is from 12 pm to 1 pm.
The training is presented in English.


Computer and temporary EMTP license

Each participant will have to bring a personal computer. EMTP temporary licenses will be provided for the duration of the course.


  • Presentation of EMTP
  • Transmission Line Modelling
  • Line Energization
  • Load-Flow & Fault Analysis
  • Transformer Energization
  • TRV & RRRV Analysis
  • Power System Stability Analysis



Level 6, Chennai Citicentre,
10/11, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,
Chennai – 600004





IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Our trainings are endorsed by the IEEE Continuing Education Program, this guarantees both quality of the technical content of learning materials as well as adherence to IEEE’s strict criteria for educational excellence. Our programs have passed this strict process and our trainees will be entitled to IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs), recognized as the standard of excellence for continuing education programs in IEEE’s fields of interest. Furthermore, certificates` fees will be entirely covered by EMTP-RV.


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PWSIM | Software & Services

Level 6, Chennai Citicentre,
10/11, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,
Chennai – 600004
Phone: + 91 8754441139