Version 2.4 is launched!

In order to meet the growing needs of studies related to HVDC and renewable energies, the new version of EMTP-RV offers a larger library of application examples that includes power converters, wind turbines and HVDC networks.

New features:

  • New and advanced HVDC models, including MMC-HVDC
  • New wind generator models, including average-value model
  • New control system diagram DLL capability
  • New Simulink Coder (formerly Real-Time Workshop) interface DLL
Version 2.4 improvements:
  • Improvements in synchronous machine model including a new black start option
  • Improvements in the asynchronous machine model
  • Capability to solve multiple frequency load-flow
  • Improved documentation and various other improvements
  • Many new application exemples

Upgrade to version 2.4:

Information for customers under a valid maintenance contract:

You can upgrade your license(s) to 2.4.

If you do not have an account on the EMTP-RV website or for any installation problem, please contact our technicial support team at support@emtp-software.com

Information for customers without a valid maintenance contract:

If you wish to upgrade your license(s), please contact our sales teams:

Please note that any version anterior to 2.1 cannot be upgraded anymore.

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