Seminar with KTH and OPAL-RT

May 10, 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

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Course Fees: Free
Language: English. 


EMTP-RV and OPAL-RT will welcome you in the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden on May 10, 2016 for a seminar.


Course structure:

- The duration of the course is one day.
- The course is presented in English.



09.00 10.30 : KTH University presentation

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has one of the largest research units in Europe within electrical engineering and smart grids, with comprehensive resources to cover all aspects of the field. They are developing components that enable major energy savings in connection with power conversion in both vehicles and electricity grids. 


Hossein Hooshyar, Ph.D will do a presentation about "Synchrophasor Applications for Enhancing T&D Operation".

With the increase of renewable generation sources in distribution networks, it is becoming necessary to increase observability between T&D grids for operational security and real-time security assessment. There has been a recent interest in North America and Europe to explore the potential of utilizing PMUs at distribution networks.

This presentation gives a summary of advanced PMU-based monitoring applications, developed in the IDE4L project, funded by the European Commission, to extract key information out of the active distribution networks to be used in distribution network management system functions, and also to be sent to TSOs to be used in their operational functions.
The performance of the developed applications have been assessed on a reference distribution system, simulated by the OPAL-RT simulator.


ALMAS Shoaib Muhammad will do a presentation about "Development and Testing of Synchrophasor-based Wide-Area Protection Applications." : Break


10.45 12.45 : Powersys presentation

Presentation of EMTP-RV, The reference for Power Systems Transients and its latest developments.
Case studies: 

  • Lightning : Modeling techniques and how to use EMTP-RV models
  • Switching transients : Capacitor banks switching using statistical analysis
  • Protection studies : Introduction to EMTP-RV protection relay library


12.45 14.00 : Lunch


14.00 14.45 : Opal RT presentation

In this seminar, learn about different uses of offline and real-time simulation to test power systems, from microgrids to smart grids. Listen to research case studies, discover the new HYPERSIM to go real-time and get an introduction to EMTP-RV for offline simulation

  • The consequences of the integration of newer technologies in power grids.
  • Why real-time digital simulation is crucial to power quality, safety, and reliability.
  • How it is used in testing energy converters and power electronics systems.
  • The key features of a real-time simulator for efficient testing of control and protection schemes in small to very large power grids.


14.45 15.00 : Break


15.00 16.00 : Visit of the lab and University and last word



Elite Hotel Arcadia
Körsbärsvägen 1
114 23 Stockholm, Sweden


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