How to remove the note at left-down corner in Scopeview?

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As a student in power engineering, I find EMTP and Scopeview are good tools for simulation. I have a question about Scopview here. When I wanna export waveforms from Scopeview to jpg file, there is always a small note at the left-down corner, which is “EMTP-filename”.

How can I eliminate this note in Scopeview?

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If you are using ScopeView

If you are using ScopeView 1.1 or later, follow these steps:

In the background  menu of the graphic page, choose the Page Properties... option.
In the Page Properties dialog, select the Legend tab.
Deselect the Visible check box.
Select the Apply To All button.

If you are using ScopeView 1.0, you cannot eliminate the note but there is a workaround if you are creating a JPG file containing only one graph. In the Export dialog, instead of exporting the graph using  the From All Pages option use the Selected option.


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Thanks alot

I get it! thanks!

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Scopeview Error

When I press on the scopeview after running the simulation, notjing happens. I know that Scopeview is supposed to open automatically after selecting it on the tab.


What could be the problem??


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