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Industrial license:
The number of devices of industrial license is not limited.

Educational license:
The Software may only be used by recognized academic organizations for educational purpose including educational studies, educational research or evaluation for the sole and internal benefit of Licensee, its faculty and students and no other third party. Educational license are limited to 5000 devices per design.

Stand alone (Node-Lock) with USB key
The USB key allows a single license to be used on any machine that has the USB key attached. Advantage: This offers the greatest flexibility. For instance, one can run the software on a desktop while at work and on a laptop when traveling.

Stand alone (Node-Lock) without USB key
Node-Lock licenses are locked to a specific computer. Advantage: The most affordable and easiest way to activate EMTP.

Network floating (Concurrent) without USB key
A concurrent license allows numerous floating users to run EMTP-RV simultaneously across a network, depending on the number of floating licenses purchased. Advantage: This type of licensing is beneficial to larger companies or universities requiring flexibility for users.

The Simulink® Toolbox allows to import any Simulink® models, regardless of its complexity, into EMTP designs using two clicks. Minimum intervention from the user is required and the procedure only takes few minutes!

Protection Toolbox
This toolbox opens new doors for the simulation and analysis of protection systems. Both steady-state and time-domain simulation options are available.

Exciters & Governors library
This Exciters and Governors library contains more than 50 standard models for governors, exciters and power system stabilizers. It includes various models from the IEEE Standard 421.5-2005.

LIOV is a module developed for the calculation of lightning-induced overvoltages on an overhead distribution network.

PAMSuite is a module for parametric studies. The user can perform Simulation with parameter uncertainties, Sensitivity Analysis, Contingency scenarios exploration, Optimization and Data Assimilation.


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Remarks: Requests from students or from individuals without organizational affiliation will not be considered (a professional email address is required). Academic requests will have to be made by teachers or professors.
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