DC Power Systems Analysis in Rail Passenger Vehicles using EMTP

DC Power systems analysis in rail passenger vehicles using EMTP



1. General Presentation:
     a. Overview on Rail Passenger Train DC Power Systems.
     b. Why EMTP?
     c. Models:
         - DC Primary Power (600 V to 1.5 kV): Substation, Rails, Circuit Breaker, and Fuse.
         - DC Auxiliary System (37.5 V to 110 V): Battery, Converter, Circuit Breaker, Fuse, Loads, and Overvoltage Protection Devices.
     d. Examples of Case Study:
         - Transient Overcurrent Protection (Primary Power).
         - Overcurrent Protection.
         - Overvoltage Protection.
         - Battery Sizing according to IEEE Std 1568.

2. Demo: Complete Overcurrent Protection Example in EMTP.

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