Parameter uncertainties in EMT studies: sharing experience and case studies

Date: October 18h, 2017

Time: 10 AM EST & 4 PM CEST


In practical EMT studies, data uncertainty is frequent. Uncertainty can be due to the randomness of the physical phenomenon (lightning strike current amplitude, transformer residual flux, circuit-breaker pole closing span, fault location….) or due to the limited knowledge or the lack of data (transformer air-core reactance, generator reactances...). For this reason, EDF, the French national electric utility company, developed an add-on module for EMTP dedicated to parametric studies: PAMSuite.  

The objective of this webinar is to explain the importance of considering data uncertainty through practical EMTP case studies. This webinar will be co-presented by EDF and Powersys.



  • Quick introduction to EMTP
  • Parameter uncertainties in EMT studies
  • The origin of PAMSuite
  • How PAMSuite is used at EDF
  • Case studies
    • Transformer inrush analysis
    • Lightning overvoltage study
    • Generator parameters determination
  • Conclusion and perspective