HVDC-VSC systems training May 2020

HVDC-VSC systems training May 2020

Learning objectives

The purpose of this training is to build and strengthen the technical and analytical capacityof  the  participants  and  therefore  their  respective  institutions  in  the domain of HVDC VSC Systems.

The large-scale development of renewable energy sources in transmission grids, along with public  demand  to  avoid  construction  of  new  overhead  lines,  has  led  to increased applications  of  long  high-voltage  underground  cables,  the  addition  of  dynamic  reactive power support, and new HVDC links using underground DC cables.The  increasing  penetration  of  power  electronics-based  devices  in  the  network  has  a significant impact on grid performance and reliability. It requires improvements in control and protection systems and understanding of dynamic behaviour.Specific skills and tools are required to study these technologies.

Target audience & Required skills

This  course  is  intended  for engineers,  researchers,  operators  and  maintenance personnel, to provide up-to-date technical expertise for HVDC-VSC projects.

Training methodology

This training session will be interactive, including presentations from experts as well as case studies.

Training materials will be provided during the sessions.

Each   participant   will   receive   a   temporary   license   of   the simulation   tool   EMTP (www.emtp.com) valid during the training. It will be used to illustrate concepts presented during training. No prerequisites are required.

A tutorial will also be conducted in the real-time lab with HVDC VSC replicas to illustrate how Hardware In the Loop (HIL)simulation can support integration of HVDC in transmission grids.

Course fee

What is included in the price?

  • 5-day training on HVDC-VSC Systems
  • Training materials
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • A networking dinner
  • Temporary license for the simulation tool EMTP


Day 1 - Monday 

Basics on HVDC -VSC technology for transmission grids | Trainers: P. Rault, S. Dennetière

Day 2 - Tuesday

HVDC VSC control and protection | Trainers: H. Saad, P. Rault

Day 3 - Wednesday

HVDC VSC project management | Trainers: J. Liger, M. Schudel

Day 4 - Thursday

Studies with HVDC VSC systems and HVDC cable technologies | Trainers: P. Rault, S. Dennetière, M. Henriksen

Day 5 - Friday

Maintenance of HVDC VSC systems and advanced studies | Trainers: S. Akkari, P. Rault, S. Dennetière, H. Saad


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Contact for training information

Oguz Ataoglu | Training Coordinator

Email: training@rte-international.com

Sebastien Dennetière | Trainer & HVDC Expert

Email: sebastien.dennetiere@rte-international.com


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May 25th to 29th, 2020




RTE’s Training Centre
23 Avenue Lionel Terray, 69330 Jonage,


Sébastien Dennetière

Hani Saad

Marco Schudel

Pierre Rault

Janek Liger

Samy Akkari

Martin Henriksen