Licensing options

  • Educational license:
    EMTP-RV License for Educational Institutions may not be used for other purposes than education and research and are limited in terms of number of devices (Power & Control) to those of an average power systems. The Educational license is limited to 5000 devices.
  • Industrial license:
    It is unlimited in the number of devices.

Licenses types:

Stand alone (Node-Lock)
with USB key
Stand alone (Node-Lock)
without USB key
Network floating (Concurrent)
without USB key
The USB key allows a single license to be run on any machine that has the USB key attached. The Node-Lock license shall be installed and used on a specific PC computer. A concurrent license allows numerous floating users to run EMTP-RV simultaneously across a network, depending on the number of floating licenses purchased.
Advantage: This offers the greatest flexibility, allowing the engineer to run the software on a desktop while at work and on a laptop when traveling. Advantage: The license will be generated with HOST ID information of the computer where the license will be installed. Advantage: This type of licensing is beneficial to larger companies or universities requiring flexibility for users.