Rotor fault inside a synchronous generator

Posted on: Wed, 05/18/2011 - 15:25 By: Anonymous (not verified)

Is it possible to simulate a rotor fault inside a synchronous generator ?

Thank you !

As it is right now, you can only access the field voltage of the SM machine. In the Asynchronous machine you have access to the rotor windings. Perhaps in some cases, you can simulate the fault by playing with the field voltage. You need to explain more what you want to do.

You can simulate an SM machine using ASM, but it is not natural.

You can however build the machine model separately using our user-defined modeling capabilities. Then you can simulate what you want.

To judge whether the generator is a stator fault or a rotor fault, as long as the excitation part is good, there is no load voltage, but not high, power smoke, is stator fault, if the power is easy, and there is voltage, it is rotor fault.