EMTP-RV error message

Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2019 - 06:36 By: gangli


     I bult a simple model in the EMTP-RV,but when I start the Simulation, it send out the following  warning message,

Error, Problem near singal  s13

A device attached to this signal is causing a floating network condition or other illegal condition.

Illegal conditions that may occur: switch type device loops, dependent device incompatibility

or ill-assorted conditions caused by some active device constraints


      So I want to know what is the mean of "Floating network or other illegal condition"



Hello GangLi,


this error message generally occurs when the system or part of the system is not grounded properly. For example, the transformer Delta winding is open circuited. The Delta section does not have the ground reference. To solve this issue, you can connect the stray capacitance (like 10 pF) or high resistance (1000Mohm) between the delta winding and ground.