Small synchronous generator

Posted on: Sun, 07/31/2016 - 03:32 By: alexandre.nassif

Would any one be kind enough to share the model of a small synchronous generator, including exciter and governor?


I am trying to model a 1.4MW diesel generator. I will greatly appreciate any help. I am struggling to stabilize it using the library components.




Our new "Exciters and Governors" library includes example of diesel governors. Contact me on my personal email "" and I will send you an example of SM models.


I purchased a Propane Generator from Central Maine Diesel a few years ago.

20 HP Honda engine, Italian generator head.
Paid about $2300 plus shipping via Paradise Freight which was a few hundred.
I see the price is just a bit higher now... But the one I want most is Cummins genset which i saw from a website.

Recently it blew a capacitor. Central Maine sent me 2 for the price of one even though it is out of warranty. $39 total for two.

I looked at generators on island but a similar Honda at Quality electric was close to $6000 and it wasn't even a 13750kw. More like 8 or 9000kw if I remember right.....

They have many generators at great prices but this is the one I settled for.
Quiet, no smell, propane lasts forever........