Project import and export capabilities of EMTP-RV

Posted on: Tue, 11/26/2019 - 08:42 By: kristofblatt

Dear Colleagues!

My issue is that I could not have found any specific info about import-export capability of EMTP, indeed EMTP-RV compatibility with other electromagnetic transient simulation programs. (I (consultancy firm) intend to exchange simulation "platform" to EMTP-RV. I wrote here intentionally instead of requiring pricing, specs officially.)
Please inform me about this question.

Hi kristofblatt,

It exists some solutions for very specific needs, please contact if you want to have a chat.

However there isn't any fully supported import/export tools yet. We are pushing the industry to use the CIM format, which is a universel format for any software, and we can already import this format, but not every software vendors show the same enthusiasm about it.