TRV study (out of phase condition)

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2019 - 18:01 By: marziabella


I am currently trying to simulate an out of phase condition in the EMTP program for a TRV study. I basically have two buses, a slack bus (voltage source) and a PQ bus (generator). In between there is a transformer and between the transformer and the generator there is a breaker. I am doing a TRV study of the breaker.

One of the faults, apart from the short line faults and terminal faults, that need to be considered is an out-of-phase condition. Basicaly, the definition of such a case the loss or lack of synchronism of an electrical system on either side of a breaker.

However, i am unable to do such a case in EMTP and i was wondering if you had an idea that could help me on the matter. What i tried to do is perform a load flow with the generator connected. Then, for dynamic simulation, i disconnect the generator at first (by letting the breaker open and adding 90° to the steady state voltage angles of the generator), then closing the breaker and then reopening the breaker. The results that i get are far from what is observed in the norms (the IEC and IEEE ones).

If you could help me, thank you in advance,