Starting a Synchronous Motor ?

Posted on: Wed, 05/18/2011 - 15:41 By: Anonymous (not verified)

Hello,there is a question to ask you.

I would use EMTPWorks 2.02 to starting a Synchronous Motor.
But there is no initial condition settings which could let Synchronous Motor to "starting" in EMTPWorks 2.02.
I have ever seen a demo which is "Starting a Synchronous Motor" in MATLAB R2006b.
Would you tell me the method to starting motor or some tips of setting initial condition?
Or any example that it can starting the Synchronous Motor to steady state from stoped?

Thank you!!

The way synchronous machine is currently modeled in EMTP-RV, the simulation must start from steady-state which means the machine starts at synchronous speed.

One way to do it is to start in steady-state and then de-energize the machine and wait until ths speed reaches zero. To accelerate the decay of the machine speed one may use a resistor across the stator. Then the machine can be started the way one may do in SimPowerSystems of Matlab. Note that since the field winding is not available the user should do it with control systems the same way is done with Matlab.

I believe that starting a synchronous machine directly will be possible in the next release.

Hi friends i want to download EMTP software first they wanted me to create an account. i created my account but there the UNIT NUMBER is required what is its mean i do not know please someone can help me?