Simulation of power system transients with EMTP

Course Highlights

The course is based on the usage of EMTP. All presentations are based on EMTP examples.

1. Introduction to power system transients

2. Introduction to modeling methodology

3. Presentation and demonstration of various transient phenomena

4. Advanced models and tools

5. Study of complex systems with renewable energies

6. HVDC transmission theory

7. HVDC system modeling and studies

8. Training on EMTP software and applications


Training structure 

The duration of the training is 3 days. 
The training starts at 8 am and ends at 5:30 pm every day. 
The training is presented in English.


Computer and temporary EMTP license

The participants will be given access to EMTP software during the course and can also receive a trial licence for 15 days.



Day 1

  • Introduction to power system transients: theory and modeling

  • Introduction to EMTP for simulation of power system transients

  • Fundamental models

  • Multiphase and unbalanced load-flow solution in EMTP

  • Automatic steady-state initialization in EMTP

  • Basic switching transients

  • Ferroresonance

  • Transmission line/cable models: from baisc to advanced wideband models

  • Synchronous and asynchronous machines

  • Nonlinear models: arresters, transformer magnetization

  • Advanced simulation means in EMTP: scripting, DLLs

  • Simulation of complete systems, from small to very large scale grids


Day 2

  • Simulation and analysis of a practical 230 kV transmission system

  • Switching transients, temporary overvoltages and electromechanical transients in networks with wind parks

  • Simulation of IEEE-118 network benchmark

  • Simulation of large-scale distribution networks, IEEE-8500 network

  • Modeling of distributed generators 

  • Distributed generation control schemes and switching from grid-connected to islanding mode operation

  • Introduction to VSC based HVDC transmission system: basic operation, VSC-HVDC circuit topology, MMC topology and controls (upper and lower levels)


Day 3

  • Exercises on basic MMC-HVDC operation in steady-state

  • Modeling of VSC-MMC based HVDC transmission in EMTP: different types of models and applications 

  • Point-to-point HVDC transmission system simulation

    • Reference step change

    • Study of AC faults

    • Study of DC faults

    • Start-up sequence

  • Operation and modeling of multi-terminal DC grid:

    • Control of DC grid and modeling considerations

    • Simulation of 5 terminal DC grid

    • Presentation of CIGRE B4-57 benchmark: 11 MMC stations and 2 DC/DC converters


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July 15-17, 2019


Industry: 4,000 RMB
Academic: 2,000 RMB


KeLiang Tech. & Eng. Co. Ltd
2F Haibo Building 1, No. 829 Yishan Rd
Xuhui District, Shanghai 200233 CHINA

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Jean Mahseredjian

Profesor Polytechnique Montréal
EMTP Alliance
Creator and Leader Developer of EMTP

Hani SAAD, PhD

Senior research-engineer and HVDC Specialist
French TSO RTE

Xiaopeng Fu, PhD

School of Electrical Engineering and Automation
Tianjin University